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COMPOSition -
Each Coated Tablet Contains 500mg
Jatamasi Ext. (Nardostachys Jatamansi) 100 mg
Ashwagandha Ext.(Withania Somnifera) 100 mg
Mandukpami Ext. (Centella Asiatica) 100 mg
Brahmi Ext. (Bacopa monnieri) 100 mg
Shankhpushpi Ext.(Evolvutus Alsinoides) 50 mg
Khurasani Ajwain (Hyoscamus niger) 50 mg
Excipient Q.S.
Colour: Carmosine
Benefits -

Regular intake of Silencer tablets can benefit you in several ways that include:

Relaxing the nervous system
Working as an anti-stress or adaptogenic and mood enhancer
Promoting sound sleep

For best results, take 1-2 tablets at bedtime or as per advice of your healthcare provider. 

Description –

Typical stress symptoms include anxiety, depression, substance abuse, extreme anger, frustration and loss of concentration resulting in absenteeism from work, family conflict, mental and physical ill-health.

According to Ayurveda, the mind is governed by 3 sub-doshas. Prana vata, the sub-dosha of vata governs the brain, sensory perceptions and the mind. Tarpakakapha, the sub-dosha of kapha governs the cerebro-spinal fluid. Sadhaka pitta, the sub-dosha of pitta governs emotions and their effect on the heart (this is considered as acquisition, retention and recall originate in the heart).

Herbs used in making Silencer and their properties are:

Jatamansi (NardostachysJatamansi): All parts of NardostachysJatamansi including its roots and rhizomes have beneficial properties. Jatamansone is the main compound obtained from its rhizomes. NardostachysJatamansi along with Ashwagandha play a synergic role in relieving stress, strain, nervousness and irritability. It also helps in memory retention and promotes good mood.

Mandukparni (CentellaAsiatica):Ayurveda acknowledges Mandukparni as a revitalize of nerves and the brain cells and is known as food for the brain in India. The herb stimulates the brain and alsohas a calming effect relaxing an overactive nervous system. It is ideal for children with ADHD (Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder) and ADD (Attention Deficit Disorder) and is also known to boost the immune system. The herb also promotes blood circulation and its purification along with skin health.

Ashwagandha (WithaniaSonmifera):Ashwagandha helps improving mental health by relieving stress. The vata suppressant properties in it help nourish the central nervous system. It is a powerful herb that acts as a Rasayana or substance that helps delay premature aging. It rejuvenates the body and is a strong immunity booster.

Krounchabeej (Muncuna Prurience): Krounchabeej acts a strong aphrodisiac agent and also an effective nerve tonic that maintains overall health of the nervous system. The herbal extract is known to increase mental alertness and improve coordination. It also helps muscles gain mass and strength by aiding protein deposition.

Brahmi (Bacopa Monnieri):Brahmi is used as the primary rejuvenating herb in Ayurveda. It revitalizes the brain and the nervous system increasing mental health, concentration and memory. It helps awaken the crown chakra, increase cerebral blood circulation and balance the right and left brain hemispheres. The overall effect is an increase in healthy emotions, pranic energy and tranquility.

Shankhpushpi (EvolvulusAlsinoides):An acknowledged brain tonic in Ayurveda, Shankhpushpi is known to strengthen memory and intellect. It is also used to treat loss of memory, epilepsy and mental disorders.

KhurasaniAjwain (Hyoscamus Niger):Ajwain seeds have anti-inflammatory, anti-spasmodic, anaesthetic, sedative, anodyne and anthelmintic properties. They are widely used as sedatives in conditions such as asthma, bronchitis and nervous affection.


Convalescing people, pregnant and lactating women are advised to consume Silencer tablets only under supervision of healthcare adviser.




15th April,2019

These tablets are greatly effective dealing with the stress. So far no side-effects. Thankfully, it is not addictive. It had a good packing and arrived timely.



30th April,2019

No doubt it removes stress and elevates your mood. Best Pills. Totally Herbal. Good packing and arrived on time.