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Key Benefits -

The key benefits of regular intake of Karkipan include:

It functions as Ayurvedic Antibiotic
Supports body function as an antioxidant
It is helpful in Alzheimer’s, Cancer and Arthritis
Suggested Use –

For best results, take 1 tablet every day or as per advice of your healthcare provider.

Description –

Karkipan is an effective herbal combination formulated out of selected species for their properties that combat and expel toxin or wasteful material from the body. It functions as an Ayurvedic antibiotic that helps in Alzheimer’s, arthritis and cancer.

Herbs used in making Karkipan and their properties are:

Turmeric (Curcuma longa): The active constituents of turmeric include curcuminoids and water soluble peptides that are known to inhibit free radicals effectively. Turmeric has significant effects on the Alzheimer polymer amyloid-beta, cancer cells and arthritis.

Pipli (Piper nigrum): Piper nigrum can increase the bioavailability of curcumin, up to 2000%. It works by increasing curcumin absorption from the intestinal tract and can be used to alleviate inflammation, stress, stomach ulcer and in effective weight management.

Grape seed (Vitis vinifera): Grape Seed extract contains antioxidant Oligomeric Proanthocyanidins (OPCs) that the human body cannot make. It effectively neutralizes free radicals, suppress cell-deterioration, protects heart and blood vessels, improves allergies and alleviates joint pains.

Noni (Morindacitrifolia): Noni has been used traditionally through the centuries to alleviate cold and flu, improve diabetes, remove anxiety and depression and counter high blood pressure and cancer.

Galo/Guduchi ( Tinosporacorrdifolia):Galo or Guduchi is known to clear the Shrotas or the microcirculatory system and bodily channels. It effectively removes exogenous or external and endogenous or internal toxins from the body and the brain. Flushing out the toxin optimizes the functions of the body system and enhances mental activities.
Guduchi has a direct MedhyaRasayana effect, that is, it enhances all aspects of the mind such as comprehension or Dhi, memory or Dhriti and recollection or Smriti. It is a powerful Rasayana or longevity enhancer by itself, but becomes even strongerin combination with complementary herbs. It increases the Ojas orthe master coordinator between mind and body both quantitatively and qualitatively.


Convalescing people, pregnant and lactating women are advised to consume Karkipantablets only under supervision of healthcare adviser.




11th March,2019

Ordered it for my mom. She is taking on tablet daily from last week. She feels better than before. Support was great from the healthteestore team.We loved it.



11th March,2019

Amazing results. Just a week of use and my mother finds it easy to deal with the pain and stiffness of knee. There is no side -effects.