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Insta Brew - Green Matcha ICED TEA

Green Matcha ICED TEA
3 x Insta Brew - Green Matcha ICED TEA
90 Days Course
6 x Insta Brew - Green Matcha ICED TEA
180 Days Course


SKU: TT13010


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Japanese are known to live longer than people from any other culture or nation in the world. Among the secrets to their long life is the high consumption of teas with potent antioxidants. Matcha Tea is the most popular among such Japanese teas and known to be 10x more effective than conventional Green Tea. The Green Matcha Iced Tea brings you all of its goodness as iced tea that is also diabetic-friendly. 


Japanese Matcha Green Tea, Natural Flavoring, Acidity Regulator (E 330), Sucralose (E 955) and Natural Sugar Substitute (E 968).


The sugar-free and diabetic friendly tea is an invigorating drink is packed with antioxidants enabling them fight free radicals in the body, flush toxin and maintain overall good health.


Empty sachet in a cup and pour 170 ml cold water with ice cubes (optional 6 oz) and stir to enjoy the refreshing Green Matcha Iced Tea.

Weight -

140gm / 5.70 oz.


10, Single Serve Tea Bags.